Reggy the Master dancehall specialist Zippy has been chosen as the CELEBRITY AMBASSADOR for the international volunteers’ day slated to take place on the 4th of December 2010 at the UN compound, ring road East Osu.

Ghana is privileged to be hosting the event and having a musician celebrity spear heading the project. 

Reggy Zippy is known for his positive comic family situation lyrics prowess accompanied with danceable rhythms and come 4th December possibly songs like ‘Virgin’, ‘Hit and Run’ among others will be performed for audience plus special treatment for his fans.
Kelvin, manager of Reggy Zippy explained the selection: ‘Reggy’s selection to spear head this whole campaign has little to do with his charity project for the broken homes but based on his rate in the industry’.

Further on Kelvin added that, for some time now Reggy Has being on top of his game, releasing more valuable songs with videos coupled with good promotion, hence the music is everywhere, clear hand writing is on the wall for all to see and read.

Reggy Zippy will join his friends around the world as they are expected to volunteer their expertise to communities and challenge them into taking action to improve their lives.
Friends from the French Volunteers, JICA, VSO, VOLU, VOC, Peace Corps, etc are set to be joining their Ghanaian counterpart for a successful show; this was made known by the communications officer from the UN office in a signed letter.

With the UNDP as organizers, the main aim of the World Volunteers day is to improve talks on how beneficial communities can enjoy from the millennium development goals project and possibly promote MDG’s in Ghana.

The event is also aimed at improving discussion on how successful Volunteering can be in Ghana among the young and celebrities.

Reggy Zippy is set to be joined by some Ghanaian musicians and celebrities but they are not revealed yet, in due course the UN office responsible for communications will do and readers will be made aware who joins Reggy Zippy.

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