Ghana television station (GTV), the national pride yesterday revealed its top five music hits for 2010 with the guys from Lynx Entertainment topping the box with three appearances.
The Songs from Lynx were Richie’s ‘intoxicated’ which features Sway of Konvict, & UK, Eazzy’s “Wengeze” and the new kid of Lynx Zigi with his late entry ‘U say Wey tin”.
According to the station with nationwide coverage other songs like Keche’s ‘Pressure’, praye’s ‘New Dance’ and the top hit from Appietus hands Africa Girls by Castro ft Baby Jet made the country wear its dancing shoes.

The selection was based on GTV’s criteria of how their viewers responded to these songs during their visitations to events.
The hip life industry received a major boost last year with the average Ghanaian getting to understand how the E-industry works, hence response to events whether out door or indoor was something to write home about, giving the music industry a brighter scope.
According to GTV’s entertainment desk what is there to expect this year from the music industry, they certainly hope that they will also support the industry in their little but huge platform.
Hip life, High life, Gospel, traditional and hip hop music is expected to grow like a little baby girl so fast in 2011.
Thumbs up GTV’s entertainment desk for this music box, at least it tells our musicians that some one recognizes their hard work but have you wondered how the music awards 2011 will be like.
Preparation now will save a miss out in April, watch and learn, don’t be left.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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