POEM – Darkness

My light and my life provided me hope for a future,
a reason to live and the strength to exist.
Suddenly extinguished,
taken away without warning.

I was abandoned, left in the darkness
trying to survive searching for any glimmer on the distant horizon.
I stand precariously on a piece of solid ground
barely large enough for my feet.

Around me, a vast expanse of desolation and emptiness
for as far as I can tell.

It waits with extending arms
to engulf and surround me in a permanent shadow.
I remain tenuously balanced
on this small bit of solid footing
Providing me the last vestiges of hope,

Unsure where to turn or how to find an escape.
No path in sight,
it has decayed into the abyss.
No light to guide my footsteps,
it has been withdrawn. In complete blackness

I close my eyes waiting to fall.
A light appears before me no, from within me.
I discover a brilliance inside
An internal source of strength, power and illumination.
This force surges through my body filling me with courage.

I open my eyes once more in the darkness
finally lose my balance, and descend
into the eternal night.

But in falling, I discover that I possess wings.
With new courage, my own light,
and wings to save me from the everlasting darkness
I take flight high above the waiting chasm
towards a faint glimmer far on the horizon
and hope.

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