POEM – Untitled

I was the best at the top
Lost footing
And had the horrid blest drop.

I was the best in my game.
Wrong passin.
And now they won’t mention my name.

I was the one that used to hate.
Tables turnin.
Gettin it now in folds of eight.

I was a motherfuckn tease.
No jokin.
Now I can’t stand the pink at ease.

I was on top of the list.
Bad typin.
Now I aint even on it.

I had enough to do coke.
Still smokin.
Cos its all gone up in smoke.

I used to squeeze outta life.
Still drinkin.
But the cups are less than five.

I used to live on the beef.
Still chewin.
But that is not why I live.

I was the pridest rascal ever.
Now bowin.
To all of you forever.

Nearly colored me pink.
Still brushin.
But the paint’s startin to stink.

I used to see through the rainbow.
Still floodin.
All I want is to see the rain go.

I was all of these.
Met Christ.
Now He is the one I wanna please.

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