Where Is OJ Blaq? Has He Lost "Target"?

So I’m just sitting down and writing a piece on the Lynx Family and the name OJ Blaq pops to my mind. I then wondered where is OJ Blaq.

According to peacefmonline.com, OJ Blaq, born Andy Nii Akrashie in Accra some twenty something years ago, can bluntly be described as a phenomenal double-edged sword who has masterfully combined the art of acting and making eccentric music for today’s entertainment public. I don’t believe this is a total description of this highly eclectic rapper.

I see him as the Ghanaian Rick Ross, and I know many Ghanaians would agree with me.

But the question remains, where is OJ Blaq?.

After severing ties with record label, Lynx Entertainment, the last I heard of the “Chalewote” hitmaker was that he was on a school uniform donation trail (thats something I believed Atta Mills likes doing rather). He criticized that Ghanaians lacked the motivation to take up social responsibility thus needed to stop looking up to Government to solve the country’s problems.

Fine and all that he feels obligated to the Ghanaian society, but whats happening to his music career. Has his breakout from Richie’s Lynx finally taken a toll on him?

Is OJ Blaq working on some surprise for the Ghanaian music loving community and his fans as a whole?

OJ Blaq, no matter his plans, is on some serious work revealing “Orakle Blaq Media” via his official facebook fanpage.

Download His Latest Songs Here “Target” ft Iwan

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