REVIEW: YuletideFlow – Pages

“My punches are so paradoxical
I spit and get homies looking quizical”

A freestyle released today features Pages, otherwise called Barima Pages.

The freestyle as he calls it is “his christmas gift to everybody in the form of an mp3” thus the name Yuletide. Quite ironically, the only “christmassy” statement in the song is the final declaration he makes “Merry X’mas Y’all”.

The rest of the song, which is on beat produced by Kiddie Beats, is mainly a “blowing my horn” kinda thing. He claims he “spits all the time thats why he is always thirsty”.

He however makes use of a lot of literary devices, making allusion to the UK star Tinie Tempah’s (tiny tenses) pass out, rhyming “standard” with “stand us”

The song as a whole is a cool freestyle though from someone like Pages we can say we expect something more.


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