Presenting Klu The FBI Director

Finally, Klu the versatile beatmaker and “songster” has released the #rd Single off his upcoming album, #CanvasL!fe. The tune entitled, FBI, short for Female Body Inspectors, is telling on differebt story from its name. 
The song was released at 6:00 PM today via his twitter page, @KluMonsta. The songs seek to portray the persone as the repairer cum inspector of feminine bodies, thus he arrives with his tool. He then claims he is the “Adenta boy with swag flu”. He cliams this is the type of work he likes to do and he asserts that he is sure that things can start to shake and break, so he came with his helmet.
He then starts his shashi things again claiming that he is for rental.
I swear if this is what Klu does, I guess I’m also officially a Female Body Inspector.
One thing is for sure though, Klu is rising in quality and his shashi lowdown. So if you’ve got any problematic girl, “Fa ne bra na FBI checki no”

F for Feedback

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