REVIEW: "I Swear" – @CobbyFresh.

“I swear say I con am
I swear say I get am”

I really hope this is not a true story as CobbyFresh himself claims. If its really true then, the girl too, I swear me too I “for get am”.

“I swear” is the recent joint of the fun-loving emcee, CobbyFresh, the “siano boy”. The tune is on a beat by Bigboi. The beat itself invokes a certain “jerky” behaviour, making you feel like moving your limbs at all means to the tune.

The song is mainly a storyline, which seeks to tell how he “conned” a certain girl.

One day he was supposedly killing a mouse in his house, while shouting “hey you devil come out”. His friend then arrives and asks to go out with him (not sexual).

He then steals his mother’s perfume and they set off onto the street. This was when they met a girl who he, CobbyFresh, just with a few praises and stuff wooed off her feet.

The songs ends on the note that there is more to it as he claims that this was just part one.

The whole songs reminds of the early braKevinBeats tunes, telling funny stories in a very jocular tone.

Watch out for this artist, with a little more effort and better publicity and production, he might as well as be the next braKevinBeats.

@CobbyFresh                                  @RoisKidGh

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