Peoples’ Choice Award for Television 2012 (PCAT) Unveiled

Black Platinum Productions with Osiman Production, in
conjunction with the television stations in Ghana is organising the maiden edition of an annual event called THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS FOR TELEVISION
(PCAT) .

According to the African Media Report in 2008, Ghana’s television industry is making rapid economic and professional developments. This has created a favourable environment for active private participation by both local and international media houses, resulting in the inception of innovative, tailor-made and genuine TV production and programmes.

With the standard of quality and improvement in the Ghanaian TV industry, however, comes the responsibility of developing a system to monitor, evaluate and reward excellence in the industry.

Highlighting the importance of this, the founder, Nana Asiedu Asante-Samuels, said: “This has been a landmark decade for television as viewers now have a wide variety to choose from and I believe we need this to spur industry progress and enhance the glamour and presentation of our local content.

Award events have over the years been based on data collated by a team of judges who after careful scrutiny of the various nominations unanimously pronounce one nominee as winner of a category.

This has the tendency of narrowing the scope of approval by fans and the general public as judgments
may be biased.

The PCAT on the contrary, provides an unlimited scope where the public could choose whomever or whichever program or show it liked to be the recipient of the award; thereby empowering fans and the general public to be the judges of the event. This in effect ensures a continuous rise in the delivery of services by media houses in the country.

Because of the way the awards are decided, winners will not be given the title “Best”, but rather “Most Popular”.

Activities outlined for the event includes a pre-event press launch, the official announcement of nominees, a VIP red carpet show, post event VIP cocktail party and an afterparty bash.

Dates will be announced later.

The award show is to be held annually to award the best in the TV industry. However to be eligible, a nominee must be primarily based in Ghana, all programmes must be broadcasted for the first time between December 31 of the preceding year to November 30, of the award year.

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