Chris Brown & Rihanna Makeup: Truth Or Publicity Stunt?

First off Happy 24th Birthday Rihanna ! Her gifts: two new remixes with Chris Brown that were released last night on….her birthday. The first song is “Birthday Cake”—clever PR—off her Talk that Talk album and the second is off Brown’s Fortune album, “Turn Up the Music.”

These remixes have been the hot topic of convo and controversy given the duo’s sketchy history.

Some say Rihanna has the right to live her own life and do what makes her happy, regardless of being in the public spotlight. They are happy she and Chris have put the past behind them and let the music come first.

However, others believe RiRi is just too big a role model to make a song with the man who savagely beat her. They say that by collaborating with Chris, it tells girls it’s OK to go back to someone who abuses you.

What do you guys think?

Bad morals or just plain good music?

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