Movie Sneaks: New 007 + Frankenweenie Remake.

The new 007 film Skyfall doesn’t come out til November but director Sam Mendes is releasing his first behind the scenes video blog tomorrow to tease eager fans.

It’ll be the first released footage from the film. Up until now, die-hard Bond watchers have had to live vicariously through still photographs like this one with Judi Dench:

That’s Mendes with the coffee cup, staring over Dench’s shoulder. It makes sense she’s the center of the pic as Agent M is one of the main characters in Skyfall. Other stars in the film are Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCroy, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney, oh and Daniel Craig.

Walt Disney Pictures gave away the first glimpse of what Tim Burton’s next film will look like. That’s right, Frankenweenie, Burton’s remake of his 1984 live-action film, will now be a stop-motion animated picture.

The film’s poster was released today, and needless to say, it looks quite spooky and cool. (I didn’t watch the 1984 version in that year oh) Just thought I’ll state that so you fine ladies reading know I’m not that ancient.

Frankenweenie hits theatres on October 5th and features the voices of Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron and Conchata Ferrell

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