Menaye Charity Organisation – A Change From Everyday W.A.G Life

“I’d never judge anyone for spending £1’000 on a handbag, I know what that money can do for charity. For instance, £2’000 could pay for a teacher’s salary in Ghana for a whole year.” – Menaye Donkor


The ever gorgeous Menaye Donkor was featured in ‘Britain’s best selling fashion weekly’, Look Magazine in a fabulous piece about independent, successful WAGs who are redefining what it means to be a wife or girlfriend of a footballer today.

In an insightful, well written piece, it charts Menaye’s rise from glamorous model, to uber successful property developer to setting up her Menaye Charity Organisation to raise funds for children with HIV and Aids in Ghana in 2004, a charity that she adopted from her father, who founded the school in 2000. But its not all hard work and charity work, 

 “ I’d never dream of asking Sully to fund my life and I pay my own way, but that’s not to say I’ don’t treat myself once a month. After all, I’m a woman and like spoiling myself, and we have so many lovely shops in Milan. I usually get a pretty good discount too because of my husband’s work.”

For more information about Menaye Donkor‘s charity or to donate visit:

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