POEM – The Devil’s Chant

A voice of cruelty, deep with a moan.

Begs one to do something so terrible and low,

Yet the prize comes sooner if you obey.

And if you have the patience and pray,

He can’t touch you nor tease.

But if you are willing and don’t believe,

If your heart, shut and beliefs vanished,

He’ll come for you and answer with a request.

“I’ll give you what you need and fast”,

“Just do this little sin I say…” 

Some don’t see it coming and do it anyway.

They get what they want only lasting nearly moments,

Then everything disappears before their eyes even notice,

As their day comes slowly, creeping up towards them,

They know they have done wrong and beg for mercy,

Yet their call for help is too late, you now are one of them,

He waits for you then smiles a grin,

“Why did you listen to me?”

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