REVIEW – By The Way – Kay Ara ft Pappy Kojo & Lady Jay

REVIEW - By The Way - Kay Ara ft Pappy Kojo & Lady Jay

Another single from the RebelMusik boss, Kay Ara, to prove that he is full of  versatile surprises and with more airplay and better publicity could represent Ghana on higher Hiphop platforms. Pappy Kojo, also does his thing on the song yet kay ara once again claimed ownership by proving to be the most dominant voice on the song for me personally.

However, it is important to note that Kay Ara sticks to his rap and twipop kinda of style and justifies why he is still one of my Top Notch artist sadly referred to as underground artist.

Lady Jay, I don’t really know of but she was phenomenal with the chorus/hook and i do wonder if that is her real voice or some lil T-Pain tuning is helping correct the pitch. on the whole its finally nice to see Kayy Ara stick to the rap and leave the singing to someone which the needed voice to do that.

Another worthy use of bandwidth if you’ve downloaded the song, if not check it out below 

By the way Kay Ara is a better lyricist than Sarkodie

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