VGMAs 2012- Lessons Sarkodie Should Learn

Lessons Sarkodie Should Learn From VGMAs

Sarkodie has been the toast of the media in 2011 following the release of his highly anticipated album, “Rapperholic”, the lavish show that accompanied it, the whole hullabaloo surrounding his supposed deal with Akon’s record label. All this coupled with the success of his hit songs, “You Go Kill Me”, it was only right that considering the 12 nominations he got in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, he sweep more than 5 actual awards away.

Well not all went very well for Sarkodie on the night as he didn’t only lose 9 of the nominations but actually about 4 to undeserving songs. TeamSarkodie might feel a little pleased with their star as he took away the highly coveted “Artiste of the Year” award. Sarkodie did deserve that award and many more which he lost to acts like Kwawkese, D Cryme and Kwabena Kwabena.

So one might wonder what Sarkodie did wrong. After all he did all the right things that a musician has to do, the publicity, the humility stunts and everything else you can think of. But as Sarkodie was doing the right things, he was doing them the wrong way.

  • Slow Down With The Releases

Sarkodie released quite a large amount of songs during the last quarter of 2011 that most of these songs were competing amongst themselves. “Dangerous” though not as popular as “You Go Kill Me”, won the heart of many people and this became qiute an issue when the award is not 100% based on the public voting.

  • Stop Acting High And Mighty

During the VGMAs, when he (Sarkodie) was called as the winner for his fisrt award he walked upstage and stood behind the podium busily tweeting, texting or pinging with his cellphone. I was like really, show some respect please for both you and us

  • Use Lyrics, Make Music 

Ok, I know this might sound a little controversial, but I’m of the view that 90% of the song release by Sarkodie during the Year In Review were not containing anything “sensible”.

  • Check His Dressing

Last but not the least Sarkodie should check his dressing, wearing what cost does not necessarily make you fashionable. From a little review done by OMGGhana via Facebook, Sarkodie and Castro were chosen as the most carelessly dressed acts of the night.

One thought on “VGMAs 2012- Lessons Sarkodie Should Learn

  1. OMG u tink sarkodie released late please then some artiste dont even need to be included,nd the way he dressed suited the ocassion,did u see what kwabena kwabena was wearing….please check again

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