Nino Celebrates One Year Of Resurrection

Nino Celebrates One Year Of ResurrectionExactly a year ago, Agyeman Offe better known as Nino went through one of the most terrible events anyone can go through in his or her life – an accident. Not only will an accident that fatal leave you with physical scars, there will also be emotional and psychological wounds that though may heal over time will leave a scar hard to live with.

However a year after this incident, Nino lives on, telling his story with strong emotion to me. “I woke up from bed to submit my final research paper to my  lecturer for examination” he related. He continued by saying the a lecturer offered him a lift to campus and all he could remember from then was that a Kia car appeared out of nowhere and crashed into his side of the car.

The accident resulted in him breaking his arm and thigh bones and dislocated his jawbone. ” From the it was a transfer from hospital to hospital”.  From Dodowa Hospital for first aid, he was transferred to St John’s Hospital in Koforidua to see the bone specialist and finally sent over to Korle Bu for recovery process.

Nino Celebrates One Year Of Resurrection
Car Involved In Accident

However Nino has not let the accident stall his career in the music industry for as soon as he recovered, he released his hit single “Madamfo Pa” and has even recently been linked to international star Iyaz.

His final though somehow clouded with promise of greater days ahead were said with a shudder, “I feel like I was resurrected to complete my work in the music industry”

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