Rapper Secure Wanted For Questioning

About a year ago, when it was all about rappers in the music industry in a Ghana, an act appeared on the scene with such a bang. Not only did he appear with so much promise, he also made claims and took shots at the then “best” rapper, Sarkodie, claiming he, Secure, was the better and faster of the two. If you don’t know Secure, then you were not forced to watched 8 hours of TV Africa back in the days because the ladies would rather watch “Promise Of Love” than “24”

Secure Opabene as I have named him (I never got to know his real name) claimed to be the fastest rapper back then and I must sincerely say it seemed he was in his “hit” single “Secure”. The only problem I had was I could barely make out the words he was saying but I kept hearing repeated sounds of “pure”, “secure”, “sure” and other words that rhymed with them. And oh the occasional “opabene” and “mmaa no se me ye pure pure pure pure puurrrre”.

In that same single which enjoyed some airplay thanks to TV Africa’s essential packages and other platforms, Secure threw a mild challenge at Sarkodie who was the the alleged best rapper in Ghana. Considering all these, it is only fair to in the least expect to hear more from the Opabene following his “hit” single “Secure”, but sadly he hasn’t.

I would like to call him a nine day wonder but on a real criterion, Secure was never even a wonder. And it seems Secure who probably was or could have been Ghana’s fastest rapper has just vanished in thin “pure” air. He’s not so secure I guess and yes I’m looking for him so email or tweet me any tip on his whereabouts if you do know .

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