Does Kwami Sefa Kayi & Co. Think They Are The Most Intelligent People In Ghana?

Kwami Sefa-Kayi

Why would wonders ever cease? Indeed, why should wonders cease? If the world stopped experiencing wonders, human existence will be extremely boring. It is because wonders continue to unfold that is why last week, Malik Kwaku Baako, our “book short” serial social commentator, transformed into Ghana’s foremost legal luminary.
Precisely last week Wednesday, on Peace FM’s Kokroko Morning Show, “lawyer” Kwaku Baako displayed his deep watery knowledge of the law. Making a complete mockery of himself, Kwaku Baako succeeded in skating on very thin ice.
Waking up to the solid realization that his paymasters, Ataa Ayi Kufuor and Mugu Yaro Mpiani are being exposed as being the main architects of the gargantuan judgment debts that the Atta Mills Administration is painfully dealing with, Kweku Baako is now churning out leg-less legal arguments in a desperate attempt to defend the indefensible misconduct of his paymasters.
“Lawyer” Kweku Baako has thrown all caution to the wind, and is in full swing doing the hatchet job of his political bosses. Of course, no right-thinking Ghanaian is paying any serious attention to Kwaku Baako’s infantile and non-existent legal argument. Now that Kweku Baako has taken over from Junior lawyer Egbert Faibille, as the NPP’s chief legal advocate as regards judgment debts, The Informer newspaper is asking; will “lawyer” Kwaku Baako add I.C. Quaye to his list of clients?
Now that it has come to light that I.C. Quaye single handedly caused the City & Country Waste Limited (CCWL) gargantuan judgment debt which is threatening to suffocate and kill the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), will Kweku Baako advance his kindergarten legal argument in defense of the “STEALER”?
Is it not sad the way the likes of “lawyer” Kweku Baako are prepared to destroy their dignity in defense of criminals, thieves, “stealers”, brigands, buccaneers, highway robbers, nation-wreckers, looters, and conscienceless evil doers?
Only God knows what is happening to the soul of the late Kofi Baako! Yes, only God knows how troubled and weary the soul of Kofi Baako is, because of the shameful stance his son has taken in defense of the “Mati mi hu” UP fascist regime of John Agyekum Ataa Ayi Kufuor.
Kofi Baako left a good name; will his son “lawyer” Malik Kwaku Baako too leave a good name?
There is no denying the fact that the majority of Ghanaians are very discerning and are puking at the nauseating desperate attempts by Kwaku Baako, Egbert Faibille, Kwame Sefa Kayi and co, to pull a veil over the misdeeds of their NPP paymasters.
Did we hear Sefa Kayi say last week that we should stop politicizing the judgment debt matter? Because it is becoming very clear that Kufuor, Mpiani, I.C. Quaye, Akufo Addo and co. saddled Mother Ghana with gargantuan judgment debt, Sefa Kayi now wants us to look at the issue from a wholistic perspective?
When it has to do with Woyome, Sefa Kayi and his NPP paymasters are very comfortable playing their stinking politics. When the table turns and the shoe is on the foot of Mpiani and co, Sefa Kayi wants us to stop playing politics.
Indeed, wonders shall never end. Honestly, Sefa Kayi and co, do they think that they are the most intelligent people in Ghana when it is obvious that they are drop-outs? Can’t they realize that they are insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians; and Ghanaians will not forgive then for that?
As for those of us on “The Informer”, we are praying for “lawyer” Kwaku Baako, Sefa Kayi and co. to continue insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians because the more they do so, the more Ghanaians will resolve to NEVER allow Akufo Addo to become President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, for him to hand over this dear nation of ours to international drug barons and their cartels.
Of course, nobody will vote for Akufo Addo to become President for an ill-bred and uncouth bitch like Ursula Owusu to become the de facto First Lady. His Excellency President Atta Mills is on course to win in December and no amount of empty legal talk from “lawyer’ Malik Baako will stop God from giving the good Professor a second term for him to continue to build a BETTER GHANA. Eye Zu; Eye Za!!!s

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