Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah Had “F” in Chains in Harvard Senior Secondary School?

THIS IS NO NEWS – I agree with that, but there are lots of people outside there who have no idea about the academic records of some high rated celebs in Ghana.
According to source, the headlined actress ‘JACKIE APPIAH’ who is widely branded by her random acting talents was said to luck retentive memories back in school days and even till now she still have problems memorizing scripts given to her movie directors.
This informant named Nana Agyeiwaa claims to be a school mate and close friend of Jackie Appiah when both were in HARVARD SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL now Harvard Senior High School in Accra. She reported to TheMonteOz: Jackie Appiah was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but there is a ‘BUT’. She has never earned any distinction results since she started grade 1 to 3 in Harvard. I don’t even think she attended a university after her ‘F’ IN CHAINS result, the only thing Jackie could do was to act stage drama and I think they so called talent fixed her up in the movie industry, claims the Jackie’s school mate.
This shouldn’t be something Jackie’s school mate should have reported, for the reason that Jackie is now globally known.
Okay “F” IN CHAINS so what? It wasn’t easy for Jackie to come up as a great actress though I can’t imagine the good of an actress she is. Her parent wasn’t in support of her acting career until they realized she had great potentials to unshackle to the world of entertainment. Looking down on her will change nothing. How many people in the World earned good careers with distinctions? Tell me. Jackie Appiah knew what she wanted in life that was why she decided to fail and use her talents to lift the Ghana movie industry high because office jobs is not her like.
I’m not trying to undervalue jobless university graduates with distinctions but note that even if you have distinction or what so ever, people with talents get the most recognition and earn more than in about 70% graduate earn. Take sarkodie as an example, No Degree No University but he is the top Ghanaian rapper ever seen to the extent of making it to BLACK ENTERTAINMENT (BET).  Where is your stand Miss Jackie Appiah’s School Mate?
Jackie will still remain the Global African Headlined Ghanaian Actress of all time. At least she was intelligent enough to take the future even though she failed.
Monte Oz – (

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