Historic!!! JJ Meets Atta Mills -Twice At the Osu Castle

Your most reliable and authoritative Al-Hajj can today disclose that former President Rawlings and his once chosen heir and protégé have in the last few weeks came face-to-face in a quiet re-union at the seat of government at the Osu Castle on not less than two occasions.
This paper has gathered that, the meetings were fruitful, solemn and very cordial and should bring to an end the anxieties of the millions of supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who were hitherto disturbed on the frosty relationship that existed between the two gentlemen of the nation.
This confirmed our earlier report that, disgruntled elements of the yet- to-be-certified National Democratic Party (NDP) who continue to insist that former President Rawlings will quit the NDC to join the NDP will have the shock of their lives.
At the first in the series of their engagements held on the night of Thursday 5th July, this year at the Castle this paper was told, there was obvious remorse written on the faces and body language of the onetime air force pilot and the former Law lecturer and now sitting president, who have pledged to bury their differences for the collective interest of the teeming supporters of the NDC and the nation at large.
A close source to ex-president Jerry Rawlings told The Al-Hajj that “the “old-man’ has never been the same since his encounter with the president…”
“What even compounds the matter the more is the numerous calls and appeals from both the high and low in society, not to buy into what they are being told in the media, linking his family to the formation of a new party”. The source stated.
On the other hand, president Mills, The Al-Hajj was told, was thrilled at the new developments, especially the opportunity of having to meet his former mentor in such a formal manner and the outcome of their deliberations of the encounter was all the more enthralling for the genteel law professor.
“The president is enthused with the old-man’s surprise visit and the discussions that took place. Even though he (Rawlings) was said to have come to commiserate with the president after his medical check-up in the US, the two took the opportunity to discuss latest developments in the NDC with assurances of doing everything humanly possible to ensure that ‘nothing’ will be done to disturb the NDC’s 2012 campaign” and eventual victory.

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