Jordan Anagbla Was Killed By Someone At The F.A – Gaby Musah

Late Jordan Anagblah

Operations Director of Mighty Jets, Gaby Musah has declared that he believes that the late Jordan Anagbla was killed by someone at the F.A.The deceased was the representative of Mighty Jet at the F.A and also the Vice-President of the Football Association.
Speaking on Angel Sports,Kumasi,Mr.Gaby insisted he will go an extra mile to speak to the deceased to avenge his death,an act many have spoken against for its spiritual concerns. No one can convince me that Jordan was not killed.I just need time to speak to Jordan.He is going to avenge his death.How can you kill a man for a position? Gaby said.
However,the F.A was commendeded for the successful funeral which was budgeted around GHS 50,000.He also implored the teams to pay their required amount to ensure the cost of the funeral and the children’s education are duely catered for. Mr.Anagbla left behind two wives and six children.The F.A has promised to set up a fund to oversee the education of the children.

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