PHOTOS: Nadia Buari’s Mother Spotted With Michael Jackson’s Father

Caddy Buari and Joe Jackson is in possession of an exclusive picture of the parents of an American super star and an African super star.
The historic picture shows the mother of Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari and father of late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson aka Wako Jako.
According to investigations, Nadia Buari’s mum real name Caddy Buari and Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson met during last year’s Cannes Film Festival in France where they took the memorable picture.
According sources the two celebrity parents spent some time together and shared a few thoughts. The two are both very influential and instrumental in shaping the career of their respective children.
Nadia Buari’s mother who also doubles as her manager have been with daughter right from the beginning of her acting career till date. It is obvious Nadia was somewhere around the corner when her mother met Joe Jackson in France.

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