Rapper Trigmatic’s Religious Views Questioned… Is He An Illuminati Or Freemason?

Duly accorded the accolade Africa’s Most Versatile Rapper, Trigmatic who is currently recording his 3rd Studio album and rounding up his first official mixtape since his affiliation with the Blueprint District company is raising lots of eye browses with recent happenings.

A few weeks back, the rapper made headlines when he was reportedly to have called Christians hypocrites.

The headline made strong waves and raised lots of eye browses and had a few question his religious stands and belief. Even though he professes strong christian ties, latest information reaching us from sources close to the rapper indicates that the 2011 Rapper of the year might have ties with an occult group of hold alternating belief systems contrary to what he has been professing.

The rapper who is currently recording a mixtape which is set to be released later this year is set to be going haywire with some of the records hes putting on the mixtape.

Close sources indicate that some of the songs are made up of weird sounds and spiritual hymns that are untraceable to any known religious sect. We are also reliable informed that the track listing of the mixtape has titles like J.E.S.U.S and other mystifying titles.

The question then is very simple, Where does Trigmatic stand? In a related development the rapper has dropped 2 new banging singles as a prelude to his 3rd album and first official mixtape after his street mixtape “A STAIN ON A CLoth”.

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