VIP Featured On Rapper 50 Cent’s Blog [Video Inside]

VIP was, a couple of days ago, under the spotlight on which purportedly belongs to superstar rapper, 50 Cent.The group happens to be the first African group to get spotlight on that platform. is famed for its top entertainment and Hip-hop exclusive contents, especially with stuff about 50 Cent. and Young Jack Thriller spoke with the Ghanaian hip life group and the trio talked about Africa’s entertainment and particularly Ghana’s excelling music industry.
It also spoke about how to talk to girls in Africa, its mission, America showing the negativity of Africa and its new music.As expected, the group projected the latest made-in-Ghana dance, Azonto on the platform and taught Young Jack how to do the dance.Video coverage of the interview is on and generating a lot of attention.
The spotlight adds to the international exposure Ghanaian artistes have started getting. Last week, Sarkodie made a breakthrough by winning a BET Award.
VIP is currently making a lot of waves in the USA where it has been touring as part of its Vision Tour. It performed in major cities.On Saturday, July 7, the award-winning group thrilled fans at Rhode Island in the United State of America.
The group performed some of its best songs for its teeming fans on the island at the show dubbed ‘Independence Weekend Blast’ featuring some American rappers and DJs. The show coincided with America’s Independence Day celebration activities.
Weeks before that show, the group made history in New York when it put up an amazing performance there. Known for its great stagecraft, the group did not disappoint its New York audience. It brought excitement to music fans that trooped to the Armenia Ball Room 630 Second AVE New York.
“It was crazy,” group member Promzy described the show.Artistes that supported VIP at the New York event were Tiffany, Castro, FOI and some others from the US.
VIP was the main act of the night and it treated music fans in New York to more fine-tuned performances. It performed most of its hit tracks to the delight of hundreds of fans who were at the show. Fans danced and sang along during most of the performances.

Below is the video.

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