Guess What Rapper Lady Gaga Goes Gaga Over


This is something special! Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga? Well, they aren’t dating or anything, but it seems like the weird lady in black paid KL a lil’ visit over the weekend at the Pitchfork Festival. BUT, there is some buzz that there may be more percolating and that Lady Gaga has been tweeting sweet nothings to Kendrick on the low. I was checking out Necole Bitchie and she charged just that. “What a sweetie calling me this morning to see how I’m doin. See you soon. love from across the pond.”
But, for now, Kendrick is just playing it safe. He told The Source: “That’s a real good friend… a real good friend’. As for a possible future collaboration between the two he says, “God willing …. for now I just like the friendship thing.” RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! 

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