Are The Bradez Over Hyped?


The Ghanaian music industry has seen a lot of music groups from the days of E.T Mensah and the ramblers till today. Hiplife like all the other genres, has had quiet a number of rap groups, some of them very talented and others just built on hype. Groups such as Akyeame,TH4Kwages, V.I.P, Buk Bak, 4×4 among others have stood strong in the ever changing tides of the Ghanaian music scene with quite a good number of them still standing.

 There is one rap group in Ghana now which seems to be underrated even with accolades such as  the 2010 GMA for Most Popular Song of the Year and MOAMA west african song of the year 2010.
 Bradez which consists of Stone the flow king n Kunta Kinte, have been moving crowds since the days of their 1st single ‘one gallon’ and yet are still under-rated by most people in the industry. They have made their doubters love them, even those that recognized them more for being the brothers of Okyeame Kwame.

 After the release of their second album ‘the breakthrough’ (which did not feature Okyeame Kwame on any of the singles) spawned hits such as ‘Dondo’ ‘Run Things’ and what remains their biggest song till date ‘Simple’, Kunta Kinte got sick leaving his elder brother Stone to stand alone for the group. A task which the flow king handled well since he managed to keep the name of the group alive till now (Kunta recovered and has been performing with Stone). Many of the music lovers in Ghana tipped ‘The Breakthrough’ as the best album that year but the organisers of GMA had a different view.

Many fans in Ghana believe that they are the best rap group in country since they excel at any place you put them. Others also feel they rap better when they are featured on people’s songs often out-shining the owners of the song and making it their own. Despite the numerous fanfare, they are still not getting the credit they deserve from the industry.

 With their upcoming album ‘Conquer The World’, Bradez seek take the respect they deserve and gain recognition not only in Africa but worldwide. With singles like ‘Me Do Me Ghana’ which was produced by Senyo Beatz (of CUE Records) and features D-Black making the waves, we hope this time around Ghana recognizes their efforts and they are rewarded.

Liek their fan page Bradez on facebook OR follow them on twitter @Bradez

Source: Music Room Gh 

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