TB Joshua Debunks Social Media Prophecy Claim

The camp of TB Joshua has taken to facebook to debunk rumors of alleged prophecy by the Prophet that no one should visit any social website tomorrow, Wednesday July 18, 2012. They wrote

Emmanuel! Our attention has been drawn to a rumour currently circulating around the internet concerning a prophecy supposedly given by Prophet T.B. Joshua about a calamity that would befall users of social networks on Wednesday 18th July 2012. 

We wish to categorically state that there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in this rumour and Prophet T.B. Joshua NEVER gave such a prophecy.

The prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua are broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted on our official website.

We should be very careful not to misquote a servant of God. The person spreading this rumour is an impostor. Remember, the Bible says in John 8:44 that Satan is ‘the father of lies’.

Earlier today rumors spread via WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook read

pls dnt enter any social network tomorrow like 2go,pings,facebook,twitter , whatsapp,eskimeetc.news is circulating.T.B Joshua says there would be a massive death through them.pls beware.send this to people you care about

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