Yawa: “Have I Slept Wiith Your Father Before Or fu*k Your Anus Before?-Afia Schwarzenegger Asks Journalist [Audio Inside]

Valantina Nana Agyeiwaa

Drama unfolded last week Saturday at cyber gate club when Afia Schwarzenegger nearly slapped a renowned Top journalist in GhanaSuperStars.Com when the latter asked the former a question bordering on her excessive sex orgy as rumored by the public.
Last week Saturday, Ohemaa, a female presenter at Top Radio who man’s the mid morning show, celebrated her 5th year on radio at a club near Top radio. She also used the platform to launch her new political TV show called Ghana First which will be aired on Top TV every week. As usual, lots of media houses across the length and breadth of the country came to cover the event and after the event, some of the media reporters had the privilege of interviewing one of Ghana’s most talked about showbiz personality who go by the controversial name, Afia Schwarzenegger literarily translates as Afia “scrotum” negger.
During the chit-chat, one of our reporters asked her a simple question which is actually a rumor; “we have realized that you keep changing the name of who you are dating and who your sex mate is. Do you love sex too much as it is being peddled”.
Afia’s countenance began changing from warm to cold. Another reporter tried to explain to Afia that the question is based on a rumor but that straw broke the camel’s back. Afia started haranguing with foul; “you are stupid! You are a fool! Do I sex your father? Have I slept with your father before or do I fuck your anus?”
Although we at GhanaSuperStars.com did not get all her words on tape you can click on ……to listen to how Afia disgraced herself in public.
The few we had is in Twi so in case you don’t understand the language, just try and find a twi dictionary or anyone who speaks Twi to translate it for you…..

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