2 Top Nollywood Actresses In Lesbianism Act Revealed

In 2011, the Senate passed an anti gay bill kicking against same s*x marriage. The bill called for a 14-year sentence for anyone convicted of homos*xuality. The bill also stipulated a 10-year imprisonment for anyone who aids or “abets” same-s*x unions.

For these two top Nollywood actresses, the Senates are just bragging because they would not stop to profess an undying love for each other. A source close to these two actresses swore that they have been practising lesbianism whenever one of their husbands was not in town.
As we were reliably hinted, one of the actresses involved in this dirty act was married this year. Her wedding had political and society heavyweights in attendance. Her partner in crime was also present at her wedding.
This actress being described is not new in lesbianism practices. She has been reported severally to be involved in this ungodly act. Information revealed that whenever her husband was out of town, she calls on her lesbian partner, who is light skinned, to serve as substitute for her absent hubby.
Her lesbian partner is also married and was once disgraced at a law house in 2011. This actress is pretty and s*xy. She studied in Enugu. She hails from the same state with Ruggedman. Back to the first lesbian actress, she schooled in Imo State.

She is also from the same state as 2Shortz. She is not the ‘lepa’ lady but her chocolate colour skin is very attractive. We learnt that the their relationship is so hot that, even other actresses, who also indulge themselves in this ungodly habit, are envious of these two actress lovers. That’s how far we can describe them for now

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