Shut Up Ignorant Lydia Forson And Go Back To Acting School-Attractive Ayinde

Sometimes I hate to see some so called local celebrities like Lydia Forson who can’t even afford to employ a P.R.O or a Manager to help their stranded career but rather insult the media.
I read an article with headline; “Actress Lydia Forson Demands Apology From Online Media”. The article was written by one of the leading news-papers in Ghana called News-One. In the article, Lydia Forson tried to ignorantly insult one Adeyemi, a writer for by calling him names like a lazy journalist.
I recollect some years back when this same Lydia insulted some of her Facebook and Twitter pals together with me the writer of this story(Mustapha Ayinde Inusah) AKA:Attractive. This tells the kind of actress Lydia Forson is.
Not wanting to go much into details of the issue, I will like to rather ask Lydia Forson to stop wasting her time on insulting the press and fans but rather go back to acting school and learn how to build her image, since she doesn’t even have any image presence as she thinks and can’t make into the list of top five Popular/Best actresses Ghana has ever had.
If readers will remember, just some few days ago, another female celebrity by name Afia Schwarzenegger, insulted and nearly went physical on a GhanaSuperStars.Com  reporter over a simple question the latter asked her.
The questions we’re asking are; why are our female celebrities becoming sentimental, temperamental and verbally insultive at the press lately instead of being friendly? We need our celebrities and they need us as well. This kind of situation cannot foster cordiality between the press and our celebrities and we at GhanaSuperStars.Com are becoming concerned.
Folks, what do you think is the problem? Is it the press at fault or it is the celebrities who are being arrogant and egotistic because of their celebrity status? A word to a wise….
Source : Mustapha Ayinde

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