Itz Tiffany Explains Why She Changed Her Name

Itz Tiffany was on TV3′s Spotlight show this morning and one of the few things she wanted to clear was her name change, of course everybody wanted to know the reason for the name change. She couldn’t wait to be asked by Iso Peley the host of the program to ask her the reason but she went ahead and explained that the reason was because her former name ‘Tiffany’ wasn’t internet-search friendly which I think makes a whole lot of sense. Finally it seems Ghanaian artists are getting their head into the internet and starting to realize it plays a prominent role in today’s world.
She was later asked who her local mentor is, she said none other than the energetic ‘Akosua Agyapongmaa’. She was also asked a few personal questions about her growing up, childhood and more. Itz Tiffany did her primary and JSS at Cambridge International School in Kumasi and did her Senior High Shcool in Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School. Like it or yes, so far Itz Tiffany is the only Ghanaian female trying so hard for success. If she makes it, don’t hate on her, love her. I guess she’s already made it alie?
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