Kaakie’s Reply To Her Fans

Dear Sakyiwaah,
We have seen the link; we actually took time to read it yesterday night when you sent it to us via your blog. In fact last week, the management team headed by Jam Master Jay had a meeting with Kaakie on the feedback we have been getting lately. Today even, a client referred to the piece at a meeting and we sure the story may affect our deal, but hey we take it in good faith, we are sure you wrote to her out of a genuine concern to see her shine and get it right. Plus I am sure that will urge us on to ensure she meets the expectations of fans and clients.
And if you remember I told you last week when we spoke on phone that, as her management team, that aspect of her career has been some sort of a challenge we hope to surmount soon (remember as well, how I told you we tried and error-ed with some costumiers in the past), besides we also don’t profess to know it all and that explains why we value feedback like this. We think that, the article is a good feedback and we are taking some steps to ensure we get it right with her. And for Kaakie as well, she is just 10months in the industry and I am sure there is so much she still needs to learn. At this stage I am quite certain you probably may want to credit her for her success thus far, having come from being evicted from a reality competition and coming back strongly after some few months to be the only person from that competition to score mainstream success with her five singles which had all gone on to become many a Ghanaian music fan’s favourite and which had attracted a lot of interest in the musicsphere in Ghana. Point is that, we have her brand clearly defined by us and what we want to achieve with her (your suggestions are not to far from what we envisage for her. Refer to Patra, Google her or YouTube her video Romantic Call) + a bit of Rihanna’s tropical/Caribbean sultryness, that’s a reflection of the image we envisage for Kaakie.
Visually, we were hoping to activate her brand with her videos even before she starts performing, unfortunately that has delayed. We hope to get it right and plant her true image in people’s mind.
When we become successful with that, we will take it from there, model her performances, costuming and make-up in that image. We hope to get her on point soon. We are making some investments in a stylist, costuming, imaging, good videos, choreographer/performances director and dancers most of all her talent and creative efforts. I am sure you will agree with me that most of the top talents today (Beyonce and Rihanna included) just like Kaakie didn’t get it so right at the beginning, it takes some time and a conscious effort from the Talent and their managements teams to be able to gain that wide acceptance they are receiving today. We also hope when that has been achieved (i.e. when the investments leads to an exceptional recording and performing artistes in Kaakie), event promoters or organizations that organize events will also be willing and ready to make some investments to engage to perform on the shows, as good performance adds up to the overall experience they seek to create of their events. Plus I will also like to take this note to urge to make promoters using Kaakie’s name to advertise their events without any agreements with any member of the management team to also desist from that or people who they think they know members of Kaakie’s management team and so want to negotiate shows on our behalf to also desist from that as well.
But anyways on behalf of Kaakie and the XL Music team, Ghana and the UK we want to thank you for the letter Sakyiwaa, we value it’s content and we hope that’s will set the tone for a long lasting relationship with you. We also hope we can always fall back on you for counsel. Our ultimate dream is to build to a world class artiste in Kaakie and hopefully when we’ve been able to achieve that we can refer to people like you for our success. Extend our thanks as well to your colleagues in the press and all those we have been genuinely been concerned about her. Let them know we appreciate their thoughts and feedback help as well.
Thanks, once again
best regardsSource : SADIQ ABDULAI ABU
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