With Ofori Amposah In His New Church


Last Sunday, I went to church. This was not my regular church, this was the Family of Faith and Love Ministries church located near the Ofankor Police Barrier in Accra where the Founder and General Overseer is Prophet Ofori Amponsah aka Mr. All For Real.

For real, this was a small chapel the size of a large living room with seats about 50 people, maximum 70. On arrival at 9am, I met 20 women, 15 men and a much less number of children singing praise and worship songs. The accompanying musical ensemble was small and adequate, drum set, keyboard trombone and PA system.

Soon it was time for testimonies and one after another some worshippers came forward, picked up the microphone and said how God had used Prophet Ofori Amponsah to bless them.

According to one woman, she was going through difficult times but when Prophet Ofori Amponsah prayed for her and showed her what to do, she overcame her problems. Another woman claimed that she used to run at a loss when she first started her business but after prayers by Prophet Ofori Amponsah, her business had begun to flourish.

After about five testimonies, the church choir prepared the way for the Prophet who had all this while been seated quietly to take over and sing some slow worship songs.

Sporting a nicely designed African three piece attire, the man of God used his well known sweet voice to charge the congregation to sing along with him.

Sermon time and Prophet Ofori Ampnsah, appearing full of anointing, started off by calling a few people and prophesying to them what God had communicated to him. He used himself as a case study telling the members how God had used him over the years.

“Most people don’t know that I have followed Christ for the past 17 years, so if today the Lord has called me to do his work, I think it is in the right direction”, he said. “God will use me to bless a lot of people who do not know Him yet”. “I didn’t just wake up and decide to establish a Church, I have prayed over it for some years now and know the time to establish a church is now”.

Bringing his preaching to a close after about two hours, he asked anyone who hadn’t given his or her life to Jesus Christ to do so. With tears flowing down the cheeks of some congregants, Prophet Ofori Ampnsah prayed for the salvation of his Church members asking God to forgive them their sins.

Earlier on Tuesday, the multiple award winning Highlife artist had revealed on PEACE FM that he was now a full time pastor and was dropping his very successful music career to preach the word of God.

The “Otoolege” singer, according to peacefmonline.com, revealed that he had formed his own church called the Family of Faith and Love Ministries where he ministers every Sunday as Head Pastor.

According to him, he started the church a few weeks ago with his own children and few family members, but currently has over a hundred church members.

Ofori Amponsah said he no longer wanted to be addressed with his showbiz name “Mr. All 4 Real”. Rather he should called ‘Brother’ Ofori Amponsah.

“I have started my own fellowship and I believe God is calling me into the ministry to tell people He is alive.

All the songs I wrote and music I did was not by my strength but by a God-giving talent in me, but now it is time for me to return to God just like the prodigal son,” Ofori Amponsah stated.

Source: Graphic showbiz

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