Big Brother Star Geme Update: Jannette Slept In Keita’s Bed [Video Inside]

 Daybreak: Is That a Love Bite Keitta?

So Jannette and Keitta slept in the same bed last night and it looks like she scratched him.

This morning Jannette jumped out of Keitta’s bed and snuggled into hers which begged the question; “How was sleeping in my bed,” from Keitta.

The Ugandan Housemate didn’t want to give anything away “It was ok. I dreamt.” However, Keitta wanted to hear more as he accused the petite one of “opening his wounds” at night. It seems like Jannette scratched Keitta a bit last night in her slumber and his healing wound on his arm was reopened. Hey, what was going on there? “It’s a love biteWati chuckled.

Anyway it doesn’t look like Keitta’s girlfriend Mildred has anything to worry about as the two were in different blankets. Jannette was wrapped in the grey fluffy blanket while Keitta used his bedding during the night.

Strange Bed Fellows!

Source: Big Brother Stargame

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