Fans Reject D’Banj’s Latest Single ‘Oyato’

Sensational artiste, D’banj who has suddenly become an international star with his romance with Kanye West’s Good Music has recently released a single titled Oyato.

The song, ever since he threw it to the airwave, has been trailed with criticism most especially from his fans on the social media network, twitter. One of those who reacted recently about the song is a lady who tweeted that ”Dear D’banj, No be say your Music #Oyato No Make sense o, it’s just that I prefer listening to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to Oyato.
The Koko Master who has been the toast of the public for a while seems to have his popularity gradually dwindling.Many have attributed it to his purported westernization.With songs like Fall in Love,Suddenly,Gbono Feli and before Oyato ‘Oliver Twist’,one would want him to give his ‘Kokolets’ better value.
I just hope it isn’t for the fact that he left Mo’Hits.Anyway we wish D’Banj Well.
I hope Don Jazzy is not reading this

Source: NigeriaFilms

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