Ghanaian musicians Are Far Better Than Nigerian Musicians But ….


The issue of Hip –Life (circular) musicians collaborating with Gospel musicians is no longer new to Ghanaian music fans, since this year has witnessed top musicians like Richie, Trigmatic, Asem, Praye and Sarkodie collaborate with Gospel musicians like Lady Prempeh, Herty Borngreat, and others.

One top Hip -life musician who is likely to join the trend before the end of the Year is Stay J. In a chat with NigeriaFilms.Com, he stated that he is looking at coming out with a Gospel album after the release of his next album before the end of the year.

Though he is not certain on which Gospel musician he is going to record with, he is looking at, going into collaboration with Nacy, because Nacy is one of his favorites and sees Nacy to be very talented; so if all things go well on his side, he will definitely choose Nacy.

Talking about the current state of Hip – Life , he opined that he appreciates everything he’s doing as a musician and respects Hip – Life as a very good musical genre he came to meet but; he doesn’t only want to be classified as Hip- Life musician but rather a Reggae, Afro-Pop, and any other forms of music.

He added that looking at the rate at which Hip –Life and Ghanaian music is growing and the rate at which talented new musicians keep coming into the scenes, he believe Ghanaian music has a great future so everyone needs to come on board and help project it.

Comparing Nigerian music to Ghanaian music and why Ghanaian musicians are not being recognize on the international map, he Lamented that, Ghanaian musicians are far better than Nigerian musicians but rather the Nigerians are highly and quickly reorganized because they have lots of investors who are always ready to invest into their art and music, so it always makes it look as though they the Ghanaian musicians are always left behind.

As to what they the Ghanaian musicians are doing to attract investors , he said that, they are doing good music , especially looking at doing 60% English and 40% local language since the issue of language barrier also plays a role in getting to the international level.

Currently, one craze that is taking over our art and entertainment industry is that, secular musicians release Gospel songs when they become born again or repents for the Lord. Could STAY JAY, the “Shashi Wowo” hit maker be plying this craze or he’s just tickling our fantasies? Your thought matters in this regard.

Source: Nigeria Films

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