Nicki Minaj Admits: ‘I’m Not Fit To Have Children’


Nicki Minaj has admitted that her beloved alter-ego Roman isn’t fit to have children.
The ‘Pound The Alarm’ rapper stars in the latest instalment of the popular children’s movie, Ice Age: Continental Drift, alongside her Young Money labelmate Drake, and compares her real life personas to that of her character Steffie.
“Steffie has a lot in common with maybe one of my alter egos, but definitely not with me as a person. And definitely not Roman. He’s not fit for children,” Nicki told Entertainment Weekly.
Meanwhile, the rapper says she was thoroughy impressed with Drake’s performance and believed his character comes across really well on screen.
“But when I saw the movie, I texted him as soon as I was out: ‘You know what, you really look cute in this movie. You come across as really, really suave!’ He just laughed,” Nicki recalled.
“He actually saw it a few days [before me], and he texted me, ‘You kept it so hood in this movie!’”
Ice Age: Continental Drift is out in the UK now.

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