Even though not very popular, Hiphop is a music genre that is fast growing and making a deep impression among the youth of Ghana in recent times.
One group of music artists that is at the forefront of this recent phenomenon and catalysing the promotion of this genre of music is a group that calls itself the “Public Misfits”.
The Public Misfits is a rap group that was formed in late 2009, by three passionate Rap Emcees namely, Vadestro, Kay-Blu and Dextrous with the aim of making positive soul inspiring and lyrically rich rap music for the contemporary Ghanaian.
The origin of the name Public Misfits was as a result of the group wanting to identify itself with their local town Ashaiman where the idea of the group was originally founded.
The trio met at a neighbourhood rap battle competition and after discovering how uniquely gifted each one was with the skill of rapping, decided to come together and collaborate on a project.
This initiative resulted in the trio releasing their first all rap mixtape titled “The Addiction” in February 2012.
With this Mixtape, they made their presence felt among “Hiphop heads” by demonstrating their proficiency, versatility and creativity in dropping mind provoking punch lines and poetic lyrics which resulted in meriting the group various favorable comments and accolades such as the next big thing since the Skillions, a pioneering group in the promotion of hiphop music in Ghana.
The mixtape equally made impressive download figures across several music file sharing sites and social networks in a short matter of time and includes listeners favorites such as “Make We Chill”, “Doomsday” and “Stand Up”, a gospel rap song that made over 64,000 worldwide downloads, and received a review from an internationally acclaimed gospel rap website ( within the first week of its online solo release as a promotional package for the Addiction Mixtape album.
That same year, the Addiction Mixtape led to the group being discovered and signed on to the Humility Music record label.
According the C.E.O of Ebaze Entertainment which is the former management label of the group, the move was purely a business and marketing decision.
He stated that, with the financial capability and distribution outlets of Humility Music, afforded the Public Misfits a better chance of reaching millions of music lovers across the globe far more quickly than they had anticipated.
The trio is currently working on a follow up mixtape to the “Addiction” which is titled “The Rehab Mixtape”.
However the group under their new Management label, is currently in the studio working on three hot new radio singles which are set to be release separately later this year with at least a video for one of the songs for airing across local music video channels and on prominent music video stations like Channel O Africa and MTV Base Africa.
According to the C.E.O of Humility Music, the Public Misfits have undergone some form of rebranding and even though they are still remaining true to their roots as Rap Emcees, they are experimenting with a fusion of other popular music genres in a bid to broaden their market segment and cut across to other classes of music lovers particularly in the African continent and elsewhere across the globe.
Fans of the public misfits and other music lovers are being entreated to anticipate a unique musical package from the trio this year and subsequent years to come.
The group has its eyes set on the dream of conquering the world music stage and becoming a household name especially across the African continent as far as hiphop and rap music is concerned.

Source: Ghana Ndwom

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