FEATURE : Yvonne Okoro – So Far Gone

Yvonne Okoro -  So Far Gone

I predicted this for her by only seeing her for only 5-10mins, in 2007, in that superficial hoopla movie called “Beyonce” (a movie i dont really care for). As picky as i am in whom i deem good, just seeing her for a few minutes in that movie (her role was very small), I had no doubt she will make it and I told her herself when we spoke the last time i was in Ghana. I gave highlight to her again and Martha Ankomah in my 2010 article HERE .

Like Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Chris Attoh, Adjettey Anang, JD (John Dumelo) and my other selected few of Ghana – I want nothing but the best for them and why I am extra hard on Yvonne and her choice of scripts, and have been openly critical of a few she did in 2011, because I want her resume to be immaculate with nothing but great scripts and great directors who challenge her to the upmost best and not some mediocre producers/directors. You wanna feel proud when you slap that EPK on the desk of the Hollywood Scout who is considering you for something big.

Ms Okoro is very good actress and I am waiting for a breakthrough movie which she headlines, to make her shine even more, which only a great director can do (just as Shirley did with Adams Apple). Venus production blah blah is just not it. Yes as i mentioned here before i do understand sometimes one has to just accept the script to make ends meet and this is why I am wishing you all great potential acts of Ghana (and lawd knows we only have a few now -and many more yet to be discovered) to have a lil something else to fall back on so that acting is not your only income. (ps: I do understand – its not like i dont – i do understand that apart from Shirley and Leila – noBODY is holding up – and its hard). I am all about “great choices” cos you can never go back to erase.

Yvonne is beautifully gorgeous and gives great deliveries – she speaks well (showcasing our beautifully Ghanaian English accent without faking it like N.B does) and acts well.- She is just a natural. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I wish her well and hope she gets some advertisement endorsements so that movie incomes are not all she has to fall back on and can be extra selective when the scripts roll in.

She is currently one of the busiest and most sought-after Ghanaian actresses in Africa. Currently, she is one of Ghana’s few actors with a strong academic background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ghana and has studied Press Civilization, Drama and Marketing at the Universite’ De Nantes in Franc. I wish you well Yvonne – like i said I hope you get some great multi-million cedi endorsement this year. I have a good feeling – its coming. Bet (Glo better consider her).

Ps: Shirley I am hoping now that Adams Apple series has ended you use Yvonne and/or Martha to headline an upcoming full-movie. She is already broken through but i want an even bigger break through movie under her belt. I will like to see her work with Leila too.

PPS: Martha Ankomah You are next – watch this space.


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