Kumasi Movie Director Warns Majid Michel


Samuel Owusu Asare is gradually becoming the only Kumasi director who seems to be fighting for the right of Ghanaian film crew (directors) as far as movie making is concerned.
If our readers will recall, some months back, we had a chit-chat with Samuel Owusu Asare,In his submission, he explained to us that although he has directed over 10 movies and edited about 80 local and international films, like Abusua mu nsem, Whose fault?, Asem asa, Lost desire, Delilah, Evil heart, Red label, Final account, Ahomhom bone, Rough riders, amongst others, the English film producers shun him and even if they hire his service, they pay him meager fees simply because he is based in Kumasi and directs mostly, Kumasi movies. “The so called English movie stars dictate to English producers not to hire Kumasi directors to direct them. Can you imagine?” – Samuel hissed.
According to him, the latest development to his assertion is English movie star; Majid Michel. “Majid is the main brain behind why the country is not being able to discover more directors from Kumasi to direct English movies”. He added that although names of other English movie stars have come to his notice, he will not like to mention their names because he has no fact to prove it.
“Anytime I talk to most English Ghanaian or Nigerian producers, most of them tell me that, a movie star like Majid Michel has advised them not to engage their services because Ghanaian directors especially the Kumasi ones, are not good. “Am voicing now on Majid Michel because I have facts to prove Majid Michel is destroying the film crew to the English Ghanaian and Nigerian producers”.
Mr. Samuel Owusu Asare is a graduate of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon. He read RTV (Radio, Television and Video production) between 2004 -2008. He believes that there are lots of talents in Ghana. The Nigerians have contributed a lot to the growth of the Ghanaian movie industry because they were and are being given the opportunity all the time. It is time Ghanaians also give their fellow Ghanaians the opportunity.
“I entered the movie industry as an actor that was around 1999 when Miracle Films was shooting Visitor and Asimo. Through that, I became a crew member for Miracle films. I started editing around 2004 and I started directing in 2005. That was when I shot my first movie Essienwhile in the University. After school, I decided to move to Kumasi to do more editing and directing so that I could practicalize the knowledge I acquired from school”. – He added.
Samuel Owusu Asare is warning Majid Michel and as well as other English movie stars who are sullying the image and potentials of local directors to the foreigners to stop. “Their field is acting and I don’t think we criticize them that they are not good so producers should stop using them. Why are they destroying us to Ghanaian and foreign producers”.
Folks, Samuel Owusu and Majid Michel; who could be right?
Source : ghanasuperstars

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