REVIEW: Falou – Efya

REVIEW: Falou - Efya
Some weeks ago Efya released via microblogging site, Twitter, her lastest single and the Ghanaian Twitter community (at least the one’s I follow) instantly went ablaze with chatter of how good she was. I however in my usual adamant mood decided not to download it for no objective reason. [I guess I just didn’t feel like it]
However, a week or so later, I was forced to download it when I heard a certain lady I held in high regards for her excellent taste in music say she ‘loved Efya’s version more than the original ‘Obianuju‘. Not knowing what song had gotten her all jittery and not wanting to succumb to her asking for the name of a song she expected me to know, I took to Mr. Google, barrading him with all sort of phrases centered around the keywords ‘Efya Obianuju Cover’. I was redirected almost immediately to the very song I had earlier not paid attention to, Efya’s ‘Falou
Falou is referred to by some enthusiasts as the feminine version of Duncan.Mighty’s hit single, ‘Obianuju‘, I believe otherwise. Miss Jane Awindor, took a  hippity song that would die out when the time for its instrumentals had passed and created timeless music out of it, the kind you would still want to listen to even after ten years.
Falou is a ‘vocals-oriented‘ song with a background instrumental of violin and piano pieces reminiscent of London Orchestras. It is the type of song anyone would gladly listen to under dimmed lights whiles cuddling next to that special person. The only semblance Falou bears with the original song is that the artiste uses same words.
Generally, Efya delivers a sensational yet delicate piece in Falou and as much praise has already been given to the vocal ability of the one-time Stars Of The Future, contestant, it goes without saying that she gave 9/10 vocal performance [the one for too much ad libs] 

According to Kobby Graham,

More than anything, it’s the concept that completely and utterly melts me. Anyone can take an instrumental and slap some vocals over it.

But a Hans Zimmer instrumental?

Yes. Homegirl has taken Duncan Mighty’s lyrics from ‘Obianuju’, slowed them way, way down and placed them on top of Zimmer’s brooding score from the Christopher Nolan-directed, Leonardo DiCaprio-starring hit movie, ‘Inception’.

And what better time to release this single than when the original Obianuju song is gradually dying out. A worthy download, a classic listen

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