REVIEW : My Story – Barima Pages

REVIEW : My Story -  Barima Pages

If there has been any more ridiculed act on Twitter from Ghana than Paedae, C Zar and D Cryme, it surely has to be the upcoming rapper Barima Pages. He has been hated on to the extent that recently he tweeted that he was retiring his music career. However in what seems like a change of mind, the 313 signee released a single off his upcoming EP, ‘KIRM’.

In “My Story”, releases a bit of frustration and plays the pity card to his listeners. Lyrics in the song would draw one’s mind back to Eminem though they are not delivered with matching ‘hate for humanity’. The artist constantly keeps saying how he ‘struggles everyday’ and how his ‘life is complicated’.
Lyrics like

‘I’m broke
People think it’s a joke
I struggle everyday but I don’t peddle coke’


 ‘The money no de, why you go whip me’ 

invoke a certain piteous feeling towards him from emotional listeners and makes one wonder whether what he really speaks of is HIS story.
According to Pages however, that is actually the truth, the actual sad story of his life. And it seems he uses the pity aspect of his lines like not having a correct dad figure, wearing hand-me-downs and such to draw more listeners, but lyrics-wise the rapper prove himself quite good though not someone who pushes your mind into thought
The lines lack the metaphorical feeling I look for in rappers but generally, the song is a good listen and a worthy download though the song will die out with the instrumentals. If only he would reduce the elements in his instrumental more people might connect with his music
But I do wonder how someone who tweets via Blackberry could label himself as broke, I’ve seen worse and yet they don’t complain. Pages has to learn to appreciate


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