I Did Not Write The Tribute Song Before Atta Mill’s Death – Kobi Rana

His life was gentle, and the elements…so mixed in him that Nature might stand up…And say to the world, ‘This was a man!’.
After the announcement of the untimely death of the President John Evans Atta Mills on the 24th of July, all activities in Ghana came to a halt as many ponder in awe to this seemingly impossible news!
A day Ghanaians described as BLACK TUESDAY! Our radio and television stations echoed dirges of old with the cold sound of the “atentenben” (local flute) dominating.

In less than 24hours after this tragic incident, the country took to singing to a new song to mourn the death of the Late President. Any foreigner will mistake this tribute to the late President ‘24TH JULY’ as the Ghana national anthem.

Within 24hours of release, the song received airplay on arguably all radio stations and had thousands of downloads. This gave birth to the controversies surrounding this tribute song. Not just is the President’s death making news but the 24TH JULY song is believed to have been written before the death of the President.
Kobi Rana finally opens up on the controversy. He confesses;

‘I wrote the song amidst tears and sorrows two hours after the bad news. I am always restless to create with ideas. This compelled me to express my emotions in words and that gave birth to 24TH JULY. So the feeling was fresh and deeply sorrowful and can be felt in the song. My tears can be felt in the song because it is pronounced in my voice. I entered the audio section of our studio where B Brown and Eva who were also in shock because of the news.

I told them about the song and we agreed to record together. We recorded and composed the melodies right there in the studio. It is God who gives talent. If the song is the talk of Africans all over the world now, it is because God used me for the tribute. I just gave my best and with the support of my manager; Apa Jnr and CEO of Kamsak, Mr. Arnold Asante, RANA, all radio presenters, celebrities who showed up for the video and fans all over the world. 24TH JULY is the most appreciated tribute song to our ex President Prof John Evans Atta Mills. May his soul rest in perfect peace.’

Kobi Rana (Cornelius Phanthomas); the writer and composer of this classic unbeatable song that sends tears down the faces of many listeners employed writing style and lyrics that gets everyone singing along on the second hearing of the song. He employed creativity that marvels in making this song. The lyrics…melody…and singing is so perfect that one can’t believe without misgivings that it was written, composed and recorded from 8pm of the ‘black Tuesday’ to 3am the following morning.

The song sounds too good to have been recorded made within hours…any listener on any day will believe the song was composed and rehearsed in months. The song blends Ghanaian languages such as Twi, Ga, Hausa and Ewe. The English diction is flawless and the South African twist is adorable. If asked to describe 24TH JULY in one word, I will say; MASTERPIECE. Big ups to GMK for producing the beat, of course the beat couldn’t have been any better.

SOURCE: Joewackle Joachim

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