Edem ‘Diets’ The Girls

If there is one young Ghanaian hiplife with so much buzz around him these days, then it has to be Edem. He has a lot going for him especially with the airplay his new ‘Over’ track is commanding.
Clad in all black outfit, he spotted a long sagging shiny beads laced with icings which gave off an envious sparkle when the lights hits it when he stepped into the Yellow House To Meet The Girls. Shy looking Edem did not want to remove his shades until the Girls vehemently protested. “This is the first show I have been forced to remove myshades and I succumbed,” he said amidst blushing.
When asked by Frost if he was the shy guy, he replied that, “a degree of shyness helps people to comport themselves and not overindulge”.
After the niceties were out of the way, he settle down to explain his anthem, ‘Go get them’ which if spoken fast sounds like Edem’s native Ewe language. For him, that was a go-getter language that wakes him up to the realities of everyday struggle to challenge oneself as well as to prove naysayers wrong about one’s talents and abilities. ‘Go Get Them’ is about going to get your dreams and everything you aspire to.
It must be said that if there was anything jaw dropping by Edem’s appearance on the show, it was his dexterity, fluency, thought organization and delivery at every question asked. Truth be told yours truly didn’t give the brother much credit for such a delivery prior to the show and indeed the Girls, also in awe applauded the star.
He took advantage to school the Girls on the meaning of ‘Ayigbe’ and why he dropped it from his brand. Edem disclosed that some elders in appreciation of his talent advised against it. Narrating the story: An Ewe king he said exiled from the Volta Region to stay with a good friend who was a Ga chief then in Accra. When warriors were sent to come take him back to Volta, Nii Ayi, the chief fought them and declined. So they went back saying Ayi has ‘gbe’(refused in Ewe) the return of the chief.  Thus the name Ayigbe as a referral for Ewes came to stay.
Does a musician set out to create a hit? Edem said no creative person has all that figured out. A musician sets out to do a good job and let the jobmanifest itself, he said. He went on to talk about his style when he set out to do music as phases of learning he went through. “To make a clear cut statement, you don’t have to do same thing everyone is doing to be relevant,” he added.
For a star like Edem, the Girls wanted to know how many Girls he has ‘dieted’. “I have had three ‘normal’ relationships which didn’t work out and I moved on,” he confessed. The father of little Selikem Khloe said he is now ina committed relationship and hope to settle down soon.
Edem does not smoke irrespective of his ‘dreadlocks’ but he is very unhappy with stereotyping people because of what they decide to wear. Asked if he would cut off his hair because of company policy he said it will never happen. The ambitious rapper said that he dreams of establishing his own bank in the future to which Frost suggest the tagline ‘Banking your own style’ because of his looks, which he consented to.
To round it up the Level 100 Marketing student of Meridian University advised parents not to kill their children’s talent and that he was grateful his talent has enabled him to pay for his education now as well as help othersfinance theirs.
Of course the Girls didn’t make him go scot free without giving them a heavy dose of ‘Over’ which they sang over and over and over again. You can catch Meet The Girls In The Yellow House every Saturday at 10am on Viasat with a repeat on Sunday at 9.30am.

Source : nowghana

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