People Who Should Just Stop Music: #10 – Diamond Appiah


I clearly understand that there can never be too much acts in the music industry go Ghana or anywhere else in the world for that matter, and I also believe that inasmuch as a particular act may seem to be ‘jacking’ another’s signature, everybody has that very unique attribute which they use to draw ties own fan.

However in this series of articles, I will shed light on some ten people (I refuse to call them musicians) who should just do themselves good and stop making music.

Diamond Appiah known better as Diamond, as according to herself is an according to herself is ‘an actress, a musician, a songwriter, a rapper, fashionista and a business woman’. Now backing it up to before her debut onto the musical scene, I knew Diamond as an ‘attention-craving‘ owner of a flourishing boutique, one who loved to be the subject of discussions, a quality that subtly reminds me of Deloris Frimpong-Manso.

With Diamond it is hard to tell which one came first, the attitude or the music? On her debut with a not so-likeable song for which she recieved so much backlash and criticism (not critique), one would have thought she would instantly cut out the musical path from her ways but no. She responded to these heavy criticism in a way anticipated of an insecure person who clearly knew his/her music was not up to par, and was not ready to take on the spotlight. She then went on to feature, Stay Jay, an act very well renowned for his dance songs which have little or no meaning usually go her hit song ‘Taste My Apple‘ (I call it hit, cos at least people accepted this). Probably, Diamond or whoever keeps telling to do music might have thought featuring Stay Jay who is somewhat a mainstream act would shoot her to stardom, however this failed woefully as people always contrasted her performance on the song against Stay J’s. However I must say, the song still remains by far her most appreciated track though the least appreciated feminine song in Ghana so far. (Kudos).

Just as this was ending, she went further to release the video for the song. The video like many Ghanaian videos of late has very awesome picture quality and detail, but the concept was totally way not available and all I remember from that video is how Diamond kept raising her leg during some scenes. Worse she had stuffed herself into undersized clothing with accessories reminiscent of Hollywood’s Lady Gaga (Don’t tell her that, she’ll insult you via twitter)[See Image].
And oh least I forget she doesn’t seem to take critique nicely. I mean it’s ok if Lydia Forson doesn’t, at least she’s playing her roles in movies well.
I could go on and on as to why Diamond should stick to her boutique and imaginary acting career rather than music but I’ll not say much. And bear in mind that recently an online petition was created at to stop Ciara from making music and nothing stops us from doing same here.

6 thoughts on “People Who Should Just Stop Music: #10 – Diamond Appiah

  1. Interesting article and I quite agree (if our Gaga hasn’t seen this). I’m just scared of her costume, unlike Gaga. But you Sena eh, yooooo.

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