POEM – Pink Rainbow

Hollow men, hueco nada
Stuffed women, eastern sisters.All one but bodily two
Two all but uniformly oneI touch for us, we feel for me
What harm can stick do to stick?

Our burgeoning emotions are anal.gesic.
What hole can fill another hole
If they be two but one as a whole?

Hole to a whole stick.
Stick to a hole wholly

We speak together to me
In the same language of a pain to be
Different shades of pink
Interweavingly make up our rainbow
And to the fathers of Gilead I bow
But please take me slow
For I am new to the rainbow
And its pink show

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6 thoughts on “POEM – Pink Rainbow

  1. Is this poem pro or anti homosexual?

    I find the puns quite crude, while you play along with words in a disjoint manner. It’s hard to determine what exactly you are aiming at in this poem.

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