JOKE: Do You Have A Vagina?

Man knocks on the door of the house of a woman. She  opens and a man is standing before her asking:

Man:          Do you have a vagina?

English: Vagina

English: Vagina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The upset woman slams the door in his face.
The next morning the same man again and asked the same question:

Man:          Do you have a vagina? 

She slams the door in his face again.
By the time he reaches her husband tells her what is happening in the last two days.
The husband tells his wife with a loving and condescending voice:

Husband: Dear,  tomorrow I have to work, so let me know if you see that man again. 

Next morning knock on the door again and both husband and wife  are home, but the husband stops and whispers to his wife:

Husband: I will hide behind the door hear what he says and if it is the same I want you to answer ‘yes’ to know that he wants. 

She says OK and open the door and was the same guy who asks

Man:          Do you has a vagina?
Woman:   Yes ….. she says

Man:         Excellent! Please if you do not mind, could you tell your husband to stop using my wife’s and start using yours ………. .?

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