Giving A Fuck….Literally


Lips (Photo credit: Coblat)

I hear the water running as I lay here in bed. My body arching under the softness of the sheets as my fingers trace over the curves you had become so familiar with last night. I smile softly to myself as my thoughts return to those moments. I linger in them only briefly. My desire stirring as I do. I leave the warmth of the bed and search you out.

The door to the bath is open. The steam pours from the shower stall creating a soft cloud. I watch for a moment. My eyes consumed at the sight of your wet body under the water. Your hands moving over every plane and valley as I want mine to be. The soapy bubbles clinging to your flesh as they hate to depart, a feeling I know all too well.

Your head tilts back, leaning into the water. There’s a smile on your face. It draws me in; like every part of you. Pulling at me, teasing me in ways I had never thought possible.

With you so distracted I open the glass door and sneak inside. I want to just stand there and admire but I know you’ll be opening your eyes soon. I smile wickedly to myself before moving to my knees. My lips are a breath away from your length.

What a fine sight you are too. I admire if only for a moment before my tongue reaches out; tasting you.

“What the,” you manage.

My lips close over you, drawing your length into the heat of my mouth. Already you harden; growing with each outward stroke. My eyes rise to find yours. You look down with a bit of unexpected shock but then you grin.

It’s wicked.

It’s evilly delicious.

It’s what every part of me craves.

Your hands delve into my hair. Not tugging. Not pulling. No, not yet. Just there, guiding a bit. You are letting me have my fun right now.

I taste you. Your scent consumes my senses. Filling them and making me even more desperate for more of you. I swirl my tongue around you. Then move to the tip of your length to catch that sweet drop of your essence.

I’m addicted.

I’m lost in my own little bubble.

The feel you still growing harder under the talent of my lips, tongue, and mouth is strong stuff. This bit of power you’ve gifted me with.

My lips travel up and down over your cock. Stoking your length, I take you deeper than the thrust before. I can hear your breathing change. Deepen. My hands cup your balls, feeling them tighten. My mouth wants to pay worship to them as well.

Leaving your length for I moment, I let my tongue wash over them. Devouring you; consuming with a desperate need. Your hands begin to tug, pulling me back up to the head of your hard, glistening length. The water still falls over you, bathing you as I continue my torment.

Only now it’s different.



“That’s it my good girl,” you murmur through tight laced lips.

Over and over my head moves, down every inch of your length. I’m greedy for you. Your hands now fists in my hair. Your hips thrusting forward as you’ve taken back more control. My eyes locked on yours. Heat and need blazing in them, along with a plea.

A plea for you to give in.

A plea to taste all of you.

Every drop.

You do just that. Rewarding me. Gifting me. I swallow you down as though starved for you. Savoring everything you give me. My lips and tongue linger. Content.

Your fingers move in my hair, running through it. Your satisfied smile meeting mine. You help me to my feet. Your hands run over my wet skin; caressing with such wonderful intent just before your lips find mine.

Kissing me with such purpose and intent that my knees give out. You lean me against the tile wall. Your lips near my ear. Softly kissing before I hear you speak.

“Good morning my very good girl. I think though we should head back to bed for the day. Don’t you?”

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