And That Was It – The Story Of Jake

The dark clouds started rolling in, you could hear thunder on the distance. Jake Amenyo walked down the staircases, worn out from hundreds of years of footsteps. He had dark hair, a clean face and green eyes. He wore a red jacket and jeans.
Jake walked hurriedly down the hall, then stepped into a room. An office. It was quite big. He approached the old man sitting in a desk at the end of the room.

“Ah, Jake”, he said with a scratchy voice, “Are the rumors true? You are leaving us?”
Jake stared at the old man for a long time, finally he talked. “I’m sorry, master, but I can not stay in this cult anymore”
The word cult stirred something inside the old man, “We are not a cult!”
“What else would you call a group that sacrifices children!?”

“We do not sacrifice children! We purify the minds of our brothers and sisters!”

“No, you don’t. I must inform the police, you can not stop me”

“What makes you think there won’t be an accident on the way to the police station?”

“It won’t matter…I have written it in a notebook at home and I have hidden notes in many places. If I were to go missing and the police searches my house, they will find it”.
The old man stared at Jake with hate for a while. Jake exited the room.
2 Hours later, Jake was home.

He rested for a while but couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. Was it possible that the cult might do the something to him? Or to his loved ones? He was only 16, someone could understand that, right? But no, the Brotherhood of Fear kidnapped kids in order to “purify” themselves, there was no limit to what they could do.
The phone rang, Jake grabbed it, “Jake?”, a woman’s voice said, “Is that you”

“Yes, it’s me”

“Stephanie’s gone missing”
At that moment, Jake felt his world stop. Stephanie Agyei, the girl he had known his whole life, was missing.

Jake struggled to find his words,”What…um…Do you have any information on it?”

“Someone wrote the words B-O-F on a piece of paper, but that’s all we have”

Jake hung up.

He ran downstairs, got out of the house, and walked. He knew where he was going. To the headquarters, where they held their sacrifice. He wasn’t going to kill. but he was going to somehow save Stephanie, he had to.
After 30 minutes of walking, he reached his destination. All lights were out which could mean only one thing: the sacrifice had already begun. Jake hurried inside the old church building. He entered the church, and there he saw 20 people, including the old man.

“I see our friend Jake has joined us”, said the old man

Jake looked around to find where they could be keeping Stephanie, finally he gave up, “Where are you keeping her?”, he asked the old man.

The answer soon became obvious as a stone table rose up from the ground. And there, on the stone table, tied up, was Stephanie.

“Let her go”, whispered Jake

“Ah, I wish it was that easy, Jake, but someone must die tonight”

“Then take me and let her go”

Stephanie tried to yell, but she was half-unonscious

“Very well, let her go, we shall kill you instead”

With this, a few people untied Stephanie and carried her outside.Jake trusted them. The Brotherhood was not one to lie.
The old man pulled out a dagger.

“Jake, what you have done here has been very heroic, but I am afraid I must kill you”,

He thrust the dagger at his neck. With this, Jake fell to the floor, dead.

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