Would You Eat The Penis Fish?

So I came across this photo of fish called Chinese Penis Fish, obviously I didn’t believe in the nonsense but nonetheless I posted the picture on my Facebook wall to see what comments, I would draw from people. It did shock some and they asked whether it was real.

Well it is real and I found out with Wikipedia that it was also called Gaebul and had caused qiute a sensation sometime back. I also learnt it was a rare delicacy which is often eaten raw and I must remind you this Gaebul thingy really look like penis

Why It’s Weird: The gaebul is a species of sea worm who’s phallic appearance has earned it the nickname, “penis worm” on blogs all over the Internet. Who can blame the writers? If the appearance isn’t enough, choking up on this little guy results in an explosive spray of…sea water.

How To Eat It: Sliced-and-diced sashimi-style; mixed in salt and sesame oil.

Experience: The taste and texture of a gaebul resembles that of a clam or geoduck. It may look tough, but when sliced into thin ribbons, it doesn’t take much effort to chew. That being said, the weirdest part of the entire experience came when fisherman decided to use our lunch as a Super Soaker before going all “Lorena Bobbitt” on it.


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